Equine InfraVent Therapy  

Equine InfraVent Therapy is a great therapeutic device that improves overall fitness and conditioning, expedites healing for soft tissue injuries, reduce stiffness and improves the quality of life of the horse. EIVT was developed 20 years ago in Europe and has proven beneficial effect on prevent injuries, conditioning and healing ! 

    Some common applications includes the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Post exercise pain relief
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Increased extensibility of collagen tissues
  • Decreases joint stiffness
  • Increase blood flow
  • Reduce inflammatory infiltrates 

EIVT panels utilize radiant heat derived from Infrared lights, also calls Infrared Energy ( IR ). What is truly unique in this product is how the IR is delivered, simulating a "warm ocean breeze" throughout the entire top-line and side of the horse. The ventilation designed around each infrared light in the panel is carefully calibrated to deliver a deep massage to the horse with the perfectly tempered airflow inducting 470 cubic foot of IR heated air and therapeutic IR rays per minute. 

InfraVent Therapy     -   Affordable Equine Luxury

Infra Therapy & Drying at Once 

PM Corvinus enjoys the Equine InfraVent Therapy at Apex Equestrian Center, Apex NC

“ Muscle injuries of the back are very common in sport horses and are difficult to treat. Oftentimes they take a long time and multiple treatment modalities are needed to achieve return to previous performance. Since using the infrared technology I have noticed that the horses in our care feel better, show less pain and work with less tension. The InfraVent has become a vital part of our rehabilitation program. I would recommend it to any rider, owner or trainer seeking maximum healing or performance from their horses.”
Dr. Fernando Cardenas - 3H Equine Vet Service, New Hill, NC

Offer an extra value-add service to your clients with EIVT, that will positively distinguish and elevate your facility, improve the condition of the equine and make drying horses literally a “breeze”.  

Veterinarians, Equine Spa and Therapy Facilities 

    Boarding and Show Barns 


Price:    $2,950.00 

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Quincy Car, Winner of the $100.000 Sullivan GMC Truck Grand Prix 2014, enjoys the Infra rays from Equine InfraVent Therapy while standing in the vibration therapy unit.

​Combine EIVT with your existing equipment and double the positive effects without adding a minute extra to the routine. When installing the EIVT over treadmills or vibration tables you are able to multiply the therapeutic effect and speed up the recovery.